Friday, March 4, 2011

a little bit warmer now

I occasionally get caught in the "more money, more problems" mindset where I think that because I live a fairly simple (cash-strapped) lifestyle, I am not as burdened with stress or anxiety as the folks who have to make decisions about where they will be taking their overseas vacation this year. But in reality, things, for me are pretty damn good. After all, there are a lot of people on the planet who cannot articulate a personal definition for recreation; not because of some barrier of intellect, but because it is not part of their routine, or worldview, to spend money, and time, on some physical activity only because that activity is fun to do. Spring is not quite here yet, but it is warming up, and I am ready to do some things that are seriously fun to do. This past weekend I was able to get out on my bicycle for a few hours on Sunday afternoon, with a couple of good friends.  Thanks guys.  Recreation rules!

workplace bicycle rack
Here is a shot of the indoor bicycle rack in the office-place where I work. I feel lucky to get the chance to ride a bicycle to work everyday; I am also proud that there are several folks in our office who choose to commute by bicycle. But riding to work is not recreation. It's just transporting myself to work in a slightly different way. Anyway, the point is, for everyone who has the financial wherewithal to do some outdoor physical recreation this weekend, give thanks and get after it.

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