Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer starts now, 3-2-1 go!

Well, the weekend is upon us pretty quickly again, which means it's time for a little bit of bicycle-themed nonsense from the 'Burgh.

There is no doubt that road racing is growing in popularity again; although I guess it sort of ebbs and flows. I have always preferred the dirt-schralping, muddy, dusty, sun hot, wrong turn excitement of mountain bikes over the shaved legs of road bikes. However, like countless others who grew up in Colorado, I have vivid memories of following and watching the Coors Classic.  It had drama, the 7-11 team, lots of mountain passes, hairnet helmets, and cool helicopter shots of southern Colorado's rugged scrub--anyone remember the tour of the moon? Actually, now that I think about those memories, I might just be picturing scenes from American Flyers. Either way, I am very excited that it is returning in August as the Quizno's Challenge USA Pro Cycling Challenge (the first name was truly awful, good job on changing it everyone). The organizers of the Pro Challenge are hoping to rocket the race back into global relevance, so with with all the money going into it we might end up with a pro tour stage race that rivals the ones held in France, Italy, and Spain. Cool.  

Well right here in Pittsburgh, local racing teams are getting ready for the first road event of the season with the Steel City Showdown taking place downtown Pittsburgh on Sunday. The race was first held in 2008.  After the organizers failed to get things dialed last year, some local folks from the Iron City Bikes team rallied around the cause and made it happen for 2011. This should be a lot of fun, and if you happen to be in the area, swing by and say hello. Juniors start at 8:30. Cat 1 starts at 12:20.      

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