Friday, May 13, 2011


I am taking a break from bicycles this week and giving a shout to the Jamaican surfing scene.

Billy Wilmot, aka Billy Mystic, is the founder of the Jamaican Surfing Association; the creator of the first surfing camp in Jamaica, Jamnesia; the lead singer for the Mystic Revealers; and the man frequently recognized for his acting career, having played CC Campbell, in the longest running Jamaican TV show ever, Royal Palm Estate. Billy is a generous man, a community leader, and visionary regarding the development of surfing in Jamaica. I got to know him a bit when we lived in Jamaica, and my father even stayed at the Bull Bay compound once when he came to visit. Yard style to the world!

Jamnesia - Red Bull Highlight from Joel Burke on Vimeo.

If the video inspires you to read more about surfing, then by all means go check in with my good friend RAS, at Ku-Yah, who is shaping surfboards, with a Caribbean consciousness, for the cool waters of Novia Scotia. Closer afield, there is no news yet on the baby-having side of life; I will update that when it's update-able. Have a great weekend everyone!

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