Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Be Thankful: Good Policy to Live By

Give thanks for crazy bike events because here in Pittsburgh we have two of them coming up.

First up is the Dirty Dozen. This is a road race on the Saturday after Thanksgiving connecting 13 steep and unforgiving climbs in and around Pittsburgh. There are no posters or advertisements, the roads are all surging with hostile drivers, the weather is miserable, but it is well attended and all the information can be found on Danny Chew's website.

The Punk Bike Enduro is put on by the fine folks at Dirt Rag magazine, and is a long standing and very well run drinking contest off road bicycle race. Probably the most fun you might have on a bicycle during the month of December. Again, no one makes posters for underground races, so check out the folks at Pittsburgh Alleycats for the details.

If you live in the US then have a happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Rigid! If you live outside the U.S. then carry on knowing that we'll all be over eating, watching TV, and misunderstanding American history. Cheers!

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