Friday, May 25, 2012

Working Overtime and Playing Catch Up

There is so much happening in the world of bicycles right now that a blog post dedicated to catching up sounds exhausting. Dirt Rag magazine hosted their annual Dirtfest this past weekend, and as I told the event organizers, I ran out of words to describe how much fun I had. PTAG was there, and so was the 12 Pound Kid.

After enjoying the amazing network of dedicated mountain biking trails in the Allegrippis forest at Raystown Lake, PA, it was difficult to come back to the mean streets of Pittsburgh. But due to all the new bike lanes, bike corrals, and bike parking I was able to shrug off any reservations and I confidently threw a leg over my commuter for my Monday morning trip to the office. I guess there were others on the road that morning who were still basking in the reverie of their weekend's excitement because when rolling easily through the Strip District on Penn Avenue, I came across this guy, who seemed to have a hard time finding parking. Wow.

How he was able to pull that off on a one-way street without much traffic is still a mystery to me.

Finally, someone might be wondering about the amazing news on the domestic and international road racing scene, and it is true: I built a coaster brake wheel and put it on a 90's Klein mountain bike, then cruised around and layed down some fat skids. Oh, also, the Tours of California and Italy happened.

And mountain bike racing is in full swing.

Kick out the jams, more complete reports will be coming soon. Until then, hold your head up.

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