Friday, July 29, 2011

Jump Around

There are lots of different ways to crash on a bicycle and, although the riders of the 98th Tour de France demonstrated many of them (including getting run over by a car just like any other Schmo on his way to work), the riders in the explosively popular "freeride" style of cycle riding are doing their best to invent some more. The Kokanee Crankworx wrapped up last week in Canada and now the kids are re-creating the whole thing all over again in Winter Park, Colorado. Check it out. For the CO folks out there, this event is taking place this weekend, it's free to watch, it's pretty much the biggest freeride type event in the US, and it gives you a chance to head into Fraser and enjoy the family friendly atmosphere at the Crooked Creek Saloon. Here's a video from the first slopestyle practice day. The kids are doing stuff in practice that I can't even imagine attempting in the heat of a finals-round competition, under the threat of death.

I am fascinated to hear the perspective of the course designer because it makes a great contrast to the amount of thought that goes into building jumps for the Rigid Bikes team. By building jumps I really mean leaning half sheets of plywood onto stacks of concrete blocks in the alley. I will admit though that the main reason I included this video is the opportunity to hear this guy say the words "hooter-booter".

Some people might remember my excitement about the upcoming Coors Classic reboot, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Well I am even more excited now that, according to this article in Velonews, the race will feature the Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans. Both female cycling enthusiasts and men who shave their legs will no doubt be following the upcoming announcements concerning which racers will be coming to the US for the Pro Cycling Challenge and which ones will be competing in the the Vuelta de Espana which takes place at same time. If you stay tuned, I promise to do a lackluster and poorly informed job of keeping you updated.

Have a good weekend everyone; here's a video of what it takes to win one of these contests. I'll be using this material for inspiration when jumping off curbs this weekend.

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