Thursday, September 1, 2011

Around the World with the Bicycles and Such

This week is the largest mountain bike race in the world. The UCI World Championships, taking place in Champery, Switzerland. As is the custom now, they have lots of different disciplines all rolled into one week-long orgy of wooded bicylce wonderment: cross country, trials, team relay, four cross, and downhill, so tune in to the Swiss cable channel of your choice and check it out. I already feel a little faster knowing that both of the junior XC competitors representing America, Howard Grotts and AliciaRose Pastore, are from Durango; the same dirt that they train in is still sloughing off clothing and parts from our recent trip out there. The early reports from the event are not great though, USA cycling has just posted that the American team finished 21 out of 22 teams in the team relay. Ouch. Good luck to all involved.

I will be cutting the cord on this dispatch fairly early this week in order to accommodate some weekend traveling, but I do want to share an advertisement for Charge bikes who are taking their version of urban cycling culture all over the Globe. Yard style to the world!

Charge Plug in Jamaica from Georgi Banks-Davies on Vimeo.

Now how about another video designed to make you buy something -- since I have now clearly established how far I will take this particular online forum through the back alleys of advertising pandering and even into the wrong-side-of-the-tracks squalor of obsequious marketing posing as actual content.

Puma Faaslab - Featuring Usain Bolt from One Eyed Robot on Vimeo.

Thanks for checking out the advertising, now back to the regularly scheduled tedium.

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