Friday, September 16, 2011

Crosses and Crutches

Things have been a little slow here at Rigid HQ, so the dispatches have been a bit infrequent but like Flavor said, that's the way the ball bounces, G.

The cyclocross season is pretty much here and in full swing, so if you are into that sort of thing, then this is no news to you at all, and if you aren't, then you should know that the sport of cyclocross presents a great opportunity for women to get into bike racing in a relaxed environment; for men to dress in tight clothes; for kids to play in mud; for learning new curses, insults, and heckling methods; and for some spectacular and comical bicycle crashes.

Image from Ciclirati

For those folks in CA or those willing to travel there, the registration for the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships has been up for about a week, so get in while you can still fit in.

Speaking of Champions of the World, I believe I made mention on here of the MTB World Championships that were held recently in Champery Switzerland. If you haven't yet seen the winning run from the downhill event, then have a look, because Danny Hart rode the rain-drenched downhill track slog faster than I could ever imagine riding on a gorgeous day in pristine conditions.

The month of September is when hundreds of products that you never knew you needed are introduced to the world during the crazy go nuts season of cycling trade shows. Eurobike was two weeks ago, Canada's Expocycle was last week, and America's Interbike is happening right now in Vegas. Now I have never been to any of these events, and I hope to never have to go to one, but there are lots of folks who look forward to September with the same glee,and animus, that a state beauty queen who was one fat and unpopular looks forward to attending her high school reunion. If you are already in Vegas god help you, but if you want to check out lots of shiny pictures then take a look at Urban Velo's Interbike Coverage. You are guaranteed to find something that you want to spend money on.

That wraps it up for this week, so stay safe on the streets until we meet up again.

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